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Dutch Newman is a 1920's and 1930's inspired songwriter, influenced by Duke Ellington, Ted Weems, Louis Armstrong, Fletcher Henderson and the California Ramblers to name a few.  His inspiration comes from silent and classic era films and by listening to his collection of 78 records on his portable Victrola.  He has been a regular performer in the Los Angeles area since 2002.

His first early jazz style songs "Dandelion"and "I'm Your Lowdown Man" immediately made a quite a splash. He also had a song recorded by Jtone Records and sung by Suzy Williams and the Solid Senders called "Scratch Like a Cat".

Dutch regularly performs with his band the Musical Melodians and will soon be entering the studio to record his debut album with 12 of his original tunes.  In addition to the delightful sounds of his own songs, he and his band perform standards and not so standard tunes from yesteryear.  The Musical Melodians incorporate the sounds of ukulele, stand up bass, piano, clarinet, trombone and other horns as well as guitar and violin to fully realize that special sound.  He still felt something was missing.  Just as Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey had a female singer, Dutch found the wonderful chanteuse Mikal Sandoval the San Francisco Songbird, who is a veritable encyclopedia of songs from that era. With her trained voice, dance skills and the art of costume, Mikal provides the finishing touch.

Dutch has performed with Janet Klein and her Parlour Boys, Grammy award winning Ian Whitcomb, renowned ragtime pianist and jazz musicologist Brad Kay and the Sweet Hollywaiians. Maude Maggart sat in and sang a couple of numbers with the Musical Melodians.   His local Speakeasy Nights are fast becoming a fixture of the local music scene.


Dutch Newman and the Musical Melodians include the following players.

Dutch Newman ( guitar and vocals )
Mikal Sandoval ( vocals and dance )
Bob Mitchell  ( piano )
Danny Weinstein  aka Danny Bone Weinstein  ( Trombone, Violin, Tuba )
Chloe Feoranzo ( Saxophone and Clarinet )
Benny Bryden  ( violinist extraordinaire )
Dave Jones      (  bass player )
Tommy Marion ( mandolin, banjo, uke, guitar ) formally a "Cheap Suit Serenader"
David Barlia  ( Ukulele player )  of the Bilgewater Brothers.
Corey Gemme ( trombone, cornet, clarinet ) of the High Sierra Jazz Band
John Reynolds ( Banjo, resophonic guitar, vocalist/entertainer )